Amy Lyon


Amy Jo Lyon was born and raised in Columbus, Nebraska.   She attained her certified nurse's aide certificate as a senior in high school but did not use the certificate for work for a decade. She worked as a manager in several types of business while raising her family after graduating with her first college degree, but knew something was missing.


Amy pursued a licensed practical nurse diploma at the local community college.  She worked in a doctor's clinic that specialized in ear, nose, and throat conditions while she attended school.  She became affiliated with the local health department and worked as a licensed practical nurse in reproductive health after graduation in 2008.


Amy decided to go on to get her associate's degree to become a registered nurse through Central Community College in 2011.  She worked for several years in rehabilitation with brain injury, stroke patients, spinal cord injury patients, and in pediatrics at the rehabilitation hospital.  


Amy sees herself as a lifelong learner and decided then to pursue a bachelor  degree in nursing  from Bryan College of Health Sciences in Lincoln.    She graduated summa cum laude in 2013.   She achieved her master's degree of science in nursing from Clarkson College in Omaha in 2017.   She completed internships in behavioral health.  Her capstone projects included topics like caregiver fatigue and education in end of life planning.


After graduation and enough hours served in the market, Amy soon became a preceptor for other students in nurse practitioner and health care education programs.  


She has been closely affiliated with the health department throughout her nursing education and it was the first job she took after graduation in the federally qualified health center clinic as a family nurse practitioner.


Amy is very interested in diabetes education and management and pursued the 30 hour diabetic educator for advanced practice providers certification.


Amy has two grown daughters who are pursuing their own education and life lessons.  They enjoy spending time together going for meals and have dedicated pizza night bi-weekly.


Amy would like to travel more in the her free time; most people are amused to learn she saw the ocean for the first time in 2019.