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6 Pillars of Foundational Health Virtual Coaching Group

Feeling lost and overwhelmed on your health journey? We are here to help you. 


Many of our patients have asked us to provide functional support to help implement behavior and lifestyle changes.


We are making this the year it is possible for you! 


We’ve teamed up with HealCommunity™ to offer the 6 Pillars of Foundational Health that walk our patients through curated education, challenges, live sessions and 1-on-1 coaching to create sustainable behavior changes to impact your health. 


HealCommunity™ has seen extraordinary results as patients are following through on daily health commitments.


We’d like to have you join an upcoming group, and the next programs start soon!

You will join a small group that meets on Zoom calls 7 times over about 6 months to walk through a very specific program to boost your immune or metabolic health.

What is even better… we can bill your insurance (with the possibility of a co-pay). The cost for attending the group is generally covered by insurance.

To join, just click on the green button to register, or call the clinic at (402) 292-6006. 

Last year produced many things, and these groups are the most positive outcome to a challenging year. Start a new year with confidence that your health is a priority. 

See you in the groups. 

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