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Functional Medicine

A new kind of medicine, functional medicine is a new approach addressing the cause of the disease.

Primary Care

We are a different kind of healthcare professionals for your total healthcare needs.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

A new and exciting way to treat many symptoms by certified BioTE providers who offer pellet and other therapies to get your hormones optimized.

Medical Spa

A new look, a new you. Don't wait for the treatments you've always wanted to try. Now's the time! Services include Botox, fillers, hair removal and more!

Behavioral Health

Healing both the body and the mind is a goal of Remedy Health. 

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Focused On You

From Our Clients

We have many devoted clients.  We thought we'd share what they have to say about us.

Why Choose Us

At Remedy Health, we focus on you and your specific needs. We are not your typical doctor's office.  We want you to have total health. Learn more about our functional medicine method of care.

Meet Your Providers

Our team of professionals are here to help you achieve your best health.  Meet them here.

Meeting with paperwork

We are now offering a financing option for patients!  Please visit the website Advance Care and apply today!

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