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We know that many times you've been left after hours with only urgent care as your available healthcare option.  We wanted to address those late night and weekend visits.  We are now providing our top-notch healthcare, even after hours.

Skip the urgent care visit.  Call the Remedy Health answering service.  From there, we will get back to you addressing if Telehealth is an option.

Save time and worry.

When you want to make an appointment for Telehealth, call the office and tell the staff that you’d like to schedule a Telehealth appointment. They will create your appointment date/time and you will receive an email with the instructions to download our HIPAA compliant Telehealth app which looks like this-

telehealth app

To be eligible for Telehealth, you must have be seen in the office a minimum of one time per year.  If you are a new patient, your first visit has to be in office.

Currently, only patients with commercial insurance are eligible.  Most insurances pay for Telehealth just like a regular office visit.  However, Telehealth is NOT covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare insurances at this time.

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