Kimberly Harm


Kim Harm is a Family Nurse Practitioner board certified in functional medicine. Her doctoral preparation was in lifestyle management. In particular, managing fatigue by promoting a balanced circadian rhythm with sleep and activity. Specializing in functional medicine which treats the root cause of imbalance, feeling unwell, and diseases was a natural progression from her graduate education. See

She has over 20 years of experience counseling patients on healthy lifestyle choices including how to eat, move, relax, sleep, and stop addictive behaviors including smoking. She is passionate about wellness and lifestyle counseling. She has a desire to serve others with a mission to promote optimal health and help everyone to feel well. She believes in healing with natural approaches as primary treatment.

She has a personal wellness journey to help her own healing and the healing of those she loves. Most functional medicine providers have a story of disappointment with strictly conventional medicine. Her journey is no different. Her personal journey has helped to inform her practice with particular interest in autoimmunity, thyroid issues, hormone imbalance, and brain health. She believes the whole body is connected and all parts must be treated simultaneously to heal. She uses evidenced-based interventions to promote healing. She believes in a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere to share your story.


Professional experiences include hospice care, primary care, cardiology and women’s health. 

In her personal life, she most loves spending time with her husband and girls (including LolliPup the Mighty Dog). She loves sailing and reading. And the best is if she can do all of these while traveling.

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