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Maen Haddadin


Dr. Maen Haddadin grew up in Amman, Jordan, which is a small country in the Middle East. He went to Jordan University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine in 1993. Dr. Haddadin knew he wanted to practice in the United States. His dad finished his master’s degree from Michigan University when he was three years old, so he transferred to Creighton University to attend their residency program.

After finishing the residency program at Creighton University in 1998, Dr. Haddadin practiced for 18 years in Corning, Iowa, which he really enjoyed. He enjoyed working with all age groups from delivering babies to geriatric patients and worked each day to help them lead more active and healthy lifestyles.

As his children were getting older, Dr. Haddadin wanted them to experience the benefits of living in a big city with improved education. He moved to Omaha in 2016 and worked in Bellevue before accepting the position at Internal Medicine Physicians. Dr. Haddadin really missed Bellevue and the people of Iowa that he served as well, so he decided to restart a private practice in Bellevue while maintaining his position in Omaha as well.

Dr. Haddadin’s favorite part of being a family physician is helping people live healthy and fulfilling lives. He especially likes to not only provide medical care but health maintenance and preventive services as well. It is a blessing to contribute to the health of patients by preventing them from getting sick to start off with. He feels that his patients are part of his extended family and that it’s his duty to make sure they can spend as many happy and productive years as possible with their loved ones. Dr. Haddadin says that one advantage of his job is getting to build long-term relationships with patients and their families. In addition, getting to treat patients of all ages for a huge range of complaints and ailments, including chronic illnesses like depression, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, means that every day brings new issues and challenges, which is something that he thrives on.

Dr. Haddadin believes he thrives as a family physician because he enjoys what he does so he’s good at it. He enjoys keeping up to date on the latest medical advances and technologies. He treats his patients as individuals and appreciates the importance of building a collaborative relationship with all patients. He also likes to challenge and empower all patients to be healthier versions of themselves. Honesty and respect play a huge role in each interaction with patients and their families.

Dr. Haddadin says that for all of his patients, he would like them to know that while he’s not originally from the United States, he’s made it his home and has lived here for most of his adult life. He loves working in Omaha and Bellevue, and he loves what he does. He is certainly looking forward to welcoming new patients from all backgrounds at our practice in Bellevue and working with them to promote their health and longevity.  Dr. Haddadin also feels it’s important to let his patients know that he incorporates his Christian values into his practice every day.

Dr. Haddadin says that the proudest moments of his life were when his four boys were born. He and his wife love spending time with their sons, and we are active members of our Church. Their boys are also football and basketball enthusiasts, so he likes to play with them when he has time off.

He wants everyone to know that he takes patient safety seriously at all times, and that of course has never been truer than during this pandemic. However, COVID should not be a reason for us to neglect our health care needs including preventive care, and this is where his role comes in as a primary health care physician.

If you are looking for a new physician for yourself or your family, reach out to Remedy Health today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Haddadin.

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