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Muscle Loss

Dealing with muscle loss or wasting disease is a frightening prospect. Imagine your strength fading away, day by day. Whether it stems from hormonal imbalance or another chronic disease, muscle loss affects many men and women from all walks of life.  

Sarcopenia is the medical term given to the age-related muscle loss that is associated with low testosterone production. In these cases, hormone pellet therapy is a viable treatment option.

Get your strength and muscle mass back. Request hormone pellet therapy information today: Call (402) 292-6006 to contact Remedy Health.

What is Hormone Pellet Therapy for Muscle Loss?

In most cases, hormone pellet therapy is a valuable treatment for sarcopenia. Sarcopenia refers to degenerative muscle loss, which typically comes with aging or chronic diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS. In all of these scenarios, the loss of muscle has been shown to decrease testosterone production. Low testosterone can affect both men and women, particularly as it relates to muscle loss.

Signs and symptoms of muscle loss or wasting disease include:

  • Atrophied muscles

  • Visible reduction in muscle mass

  • Reduced strength

  • Body fatigue

  • Reduced mobility

  • Frailty

Muscle loss can have a serious effect on quality of life and self-esteem. Those suffering from muscle loss are also more likely to deal with activity-related injuries.

How Does Hormone Pellet Therapy for Muscle Loss Work?

Muscle loss and wasting disease are thought to be directly related to low testosterone in men and women. The ideal treatment for low testosterone is hormone pellet therapy. This treatment method rejuvenates the body with natural testosterone, making it easier to build new muscle.

Hormone pellet therapy for muscle loss can be more effective than other hormone delivery methods like pills, patches and creams. That's because:

  • It's chemically identical to the testosterone naturally produced by your body.

  • It's inserted under the skin in-office; there's no chance of overdose or exposure to other methods.

  • It's delivered consistently, 24/7 — that means no “roller coaster” effect and a low side effect profile.

The BioTE® method using hormone pellet therapy is a safe and effective treatment for muscle loss. Patients who have received this treatment frequently report increased lean muscle mass along with fat reduction.

Request Muscle Loss and Wasting Disease Treatment Information Today

If your muscle loss stems from aging, hormone pellet therapy can provide the relief you need. Request treatment information today: Call (402) 292-6006 to contact Remedy Health.

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