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Nathan Suck


Dr. Nathan Suck grew up in Aurora, Nebraska and was very involved in sports and the desire to solve problems. He always had a passion to help others, and grew up in the life of entrepreneurship. His niche is to think outside the box to tackle issues.


In 2014 he graduated with his bachelors in Biochemistry and minored in both Mathematics and Chemistry at the University of Nebraska. He then attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) where he earned his Doctorate of Pharmacy. 


While attending UNMC he initiated a program to provide influenza vaccines to the homeless population in Omaha, Nebraska. He knew the importance and believed that not one person should be left uncared for. He knows the importance to provide medication therapy service to to personalize your care. 


Nathan has been certified in immunizations, point-of-care testing and medication therapy management services. He has published a paper on treating Parkinson's Disease and is involved in numerous organizations. His team base approach to medicine has a goal to prevent issues from happening and improve the quality of life for someone.


Nathan's Personal Practice Philosophy

It's all about treating the whole person and medications are only part of the solution to improve one's health. He believes the way to improve someone's health outcome is to walk with them through that journey. His goal is for you to get off of unnecessary medications with an emphasis on wellness. 


Nathan is very family oriented and enjoys spending time in the outdoors. He loves playing sports and loves to try new things. He loves learning new things and traveling to see the World. He also likes preparing a good meal now and again.

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