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Cutera LimeLight delivers non-invasive light treatment with minimal discomfort. Improving skin tone and surface imperfections associated with aging and photodamage.

Intense Pulsed Light - great for browns/sunspots. Must have no sun the 4 weeks prior. Certainly "zappy". The cool crystal glides along the face as a very bright flash treats the skin to bring browns to the surface over the next week or so. Some people have "coffee ground" appearance that comes out of the skin. Dark spots will temporarily darken, but make-up can be used to cover any redness or spots after the facial. After a week to three weeks dark spots will fade. Similarly, redness pigmentation will lessen. You will notice a less mottled complexion and more even skin tone. Avoid direct sunlight, and wear SPF.

Limelight (IPL)

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