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Why Pilates?

Last time I said I would tell you about how much I love pilates. So here we are again!

I started doing pilates in college for a quick, but energizing whole body work out. I’ve always felt that it gives me the quickest results, probably because I stick to it better than other work-outs I’ve tried.

So without further ado, let me share my Top 6 reasons I love pilates:

#1) FREE, yep I said FREE, home workout! Anyone that knows me, knows I love a bargain!

#2) No equipment needed! Simple enough, right?

#3) There are about a bazillion different workouts on youtube (no need for those repetitive workouts!) and I actually enjoy picking a different one every single time so that I don’t know what’s coming. Definitely makes it challenging and most importantly, WORTH IT!

#4) Pilates can totally be done before bed, it doesn’t leave my energy levels feeling like I can run a marathon (like some intense workouts) and I am able to go to sleep.

#5) Great instructors make it really efficient. Throughout most videos, they’ll tell you how to breath, remind you to elongate your muscles, and also how keep your belly pulled in. This fits perfectly into an everyday busy lifestyle to use from day to day!

#6) IT'S NOT CARDIO! If you know me, you know that I continually tell my patients to challenge their muscles. Yes, getting 10,000 steps a day is really important, and not sitting too much is really important, but when is the last time you challenged your muscles?!?

Now I have a challenge for you!!

You're already on your computer or mobile device, so go visit!

Type in:

"beginner’s pilates 10 minutes" OR I did the work for you and included them in this blog! I will also have the links, so maybe if you're feeling curious you can go click around and find a workout that fits for you!

No equipment needed, and only 10 minutes!


10 Minute Standing Workout

10 Minute Abs Workout

Pilates for beginners

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