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Remedy Health Turns 10

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

I wanted to send you a video, but I couldn’t.

I would have cried.

Cried tears of appreciation and gratitude, humility and love.

(Instead there is a video at the end with pictures of us through the years.)

Today, Remedy Health turns 10.


11 years ago I started my Nurse Practitioner career with an amazing mentor. He believed in me. He mentored me as I met the fantastic people he’d spent 14 years caring for. He believed in me so much, he asked me to take over his practice and the care of these people he’d grown to love.

My husband and I knew this would be a vocation. It would be a labor of absolute love. I had just given birth to baby #3…. And soon after (as many of you well know) baby #4 was on the way.

My husband and I sat together, we ran numbers, we ran through my hopes and dreams, and his hopes and dreams too, which would inevitably be put on hold for my own. But, together, this became our dream.

I think my parents thought I was crazy, and I think they really feared for me and our growing little family, only anticipating and imagining the outstanding amount of finances and time it would take to make this work.

I giggle a little thinking of the friendly faces I met locally, networking. Some of those faces, many of them, I still see them and their friends and family in the office and cannot thank them enough for their support all of these years.

There were so many times in the first few years that I wanted to throw in the towel. I wanted to be done. I was quickly burning out. There had to be a way to make this work. I watched as other Nurse Practitioners I knew really well, closed their practices. It just didn’t make any sense anymore to pour in that much time and effort, to endure that much stress, for that little paycheck, if there was one at all.

We kept trudging on. We have had some of the most amazing people walk through our doors…like our very first behavioral health therapist who helped us design a creative way to mesh behavioral and physical health… and our amazing Clinical Pharmacist. Literally, walked in the door. They needed support, but they have since given in return, so much love and support.

Our patients, the people we care for are our lifeblood. But, not just patients, but all people who have stepped through our doors… the absolutely outstanding people I’ve been blessed to build relationships with and work with. Some have come and gone, but many have stayed for multiple years, working on this with me, together, building this dream.

We have the most extraordinary, supportive team right now. Our medical assistants and patient care coordinators are outstanding. I’m humbled that they walk in the door every day (or 4 days per week if they prefer ;)) and do their best to take care of our community. And they do. They do their best. I would rate their integrity a ten out of ten and give them 6 stars on google if I could ;). I’m so impressed with and thankful for them. Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude for each of them.

Today, 10 years old, I get to announce the most amazing thing.


We’re expanding Remedy family! We’re expanding to Omaha. Thank you, Bellevue, for your support all these years. We’re not leaving you at all! You are our home! We have all of you in Bellevue, and the surrounding communities, to thank for this opportunity.

Today we have 4 primary care providers, 1 diabetes specialist, 2 psychiatric nurse practitioners, many of us with advanced training in functional medicine. Remedy has the most caring Clinical Pharmacist you’ll ever meet who helps keep our patients as safe as possible with their medication regimen. We have 13 (and growing) of the most talented behavioral health therapists in the region. 3 of them were the first ART (Accelerated Resolution Training) therapists in Nebraska! Many EMDR trained, some specializing in Marriage and Family, some in play and art, some in music. I have incredible love and respect for what they do. They give it their all, every day. And, we have a support staff of medical assistants and patient care coordinators that is second to none. Each and every one of them goes above and beyond in some way, every day, whether they are working in the office, or logged in at home. They are our front line heros <3.

Thank you. Thank you. I prayed this would work. I prayed I would have the opportunity to help people along in their health journey, in a way that felt perfectly good in my heart and soul; far from hurried, taking care of each of them the way I would care for my sibling, my mom or dad, grandfather or grandmother, or my best friend. I prayed that would be true for me, and now it’s not only true for myself, but for many other professionals as well.

I am humbled. I am grateful.

Thank you, all of you, that have touched our practice, over the last 10 years.

Kelli Pavlish

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