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Tenth Day of Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas to begin? Do you need a hostess gift? Or stocking up for visitors? Let's find a good wine that's is better for you than those at the grocery store.

For a lower calorie option-

For a cleaner wine, lower sulfites (although some research suggests sulfites don't really make your hangover worse)-

If you want Organic, certified organic wines carry the USDA logo.

Read through this article for helpful tips on choosing wines that are better choices-

"Technically, clean wines are keto-friendly as a wine can be. If you're on a ketogenic diet or generally worried about your carb intake, you don't need to seek out wines advertised as low-carb. Look for lower alcohol (under 13% ABV) dry wines from cooler regions. High alcohol wines come with more calories and carbs, so if your goal is to stay in ketosis, skip that 15% Zinfandel."

-Food & Wine

Enjoy responsibly!

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