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The 12 Days of (or Until) Christmas

To make your Christmas merrier, I have decided to help you shop for clean gifts by creating 12 days of my favorite products! These products range from cosmetics to cleaning products to hostess gifts. Many of these I have in my home and others are on my wish list too. Let's do our best to use products that have good ingredients!

Today is Day 1! Let's start with my favorite supplements. Our goal is to have a healthy Christmas gathered with family and we can boost our immunity with many of these supplements and improve your health.

Here is my favorite multivitamin, which you can purchase here:

Feeling under the weather? Here is my favorite daily antiviral regimen:

Take one softgel per day.

Holiday to-do list causing you to lose sleep? Here is my favorite nighttime relaxation aid (check with your provider before adding magnesium to your regimen):

Need some stress relief? This one is my favorite daily supplement to aid with stress adaptation:

Is the cold weather making you stiff and sore? This is my favorite for arthritis:

Keep yourself well this holiday season by getting started on supplements. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Day 2!

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