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Spring Smells

Happy spring everyone! I’m sure you’re as excited as I am about some FINALLY warmer weather, some sunshine, some baseball, some sitting on the deck, some walks outside, some tulips. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, all the spring-time things.

Do you have your windows open? It’s so nice to let the fresh air in! What’s your favorite natural aroma? Cut grass? Rain? Lilies or lavender?

Besides letting the air in from outside, is there anything else you do to make your home, or the items in your home smell better? Do you use an air freshener?

I was going to list all the bad things that can be found in conventional air fresheners… then I found this other amazing blog and thought - why don’t I just tell you most of them are terrible, don’t use them. If you want to know why… here’s the amazing info that someone has already wonderfully written…

So, should do you use? Essential oils, of course.

Throw out all of your junky air fresheners - just toss them people! Now, order some stuff that you can use to make your home, your restroom, your teenage boy’s room all smell delightful!

At the office, we simply use 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol (or vodka) and whatever essential oil blend you want to use.

You can use orange or any citrus to help you wake up in the morning.

You can use lavender at night for a calming effect.

You can use eucalyptus for a nice clean smell, or a blend of any or all of them!

You’ll also need something to house your fresheners in. I love these amber glass bottles with the spritzer that I found on amazon.

There are several here, so you can have one in each bathroom and kids’ room. These would have been great for Easter baskets! Sorry, a little late on that idea! :) Maybe stocking stuffers (never too early to plan!). :)

As far as oils go, 100% pure is what you want to look for. We’ve used the popular DoTerra brand in the past as well as Young Living. We’ve also used the NOW brand, and we like those too. Use whatever you feel comfortable with. Just be safe with them. Not all oils are meant to be ingested or put directly on the skin - so inquire if you need, and we’ll try to point you in the right direction.

One more item to consider for all of those smelly smells is charcoal. Toss a charcoal bag into that teenage sports bag! Here’s a link to some charcoal bags - we have them in the car, in the garbage closet, and in our tweens’ rooms :)

So, YAY! One more thing that you can quickly and easily swap out at your home to make yourself and your family one step healthier.

See you next month! We’ll work on the laundry.

Your Remedy Health Family

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